Dennis Hoey, Owner

The base price per microscope is the dollar figure appearing on the mailing label of the flier that you received.  If you don’t have a flier, please email me for a quote.

40+  scopes*_______ea, base price
35-39 scopes (base price plus $   1.00 ea) per microscope

30-34  scopes  (base price plus $ 2.00 ea) per microscope

25-29  scopes  (base price plus $ 3.00 ea) per microscope
20-24  scopes  (base price plus $ 4.00 ea) per microscope

For 19 or less microscopes the base price system no longer applies.  I do have a flat labor charge for 19 or less ‘scopes. This flat labor fee is the same total charge for servicing 20 microscopes.

Example:  Here is an example of how to calculate the total  labor on 28 microscopes.  Use the following equation:

(bp+$2.00) x 28=the total  labor charge.  If you are unsure of the labor fees, don’t hesitate to contact me.

       The following charges will be added due to increased labor time.
A)  Additional charge for microscopes with mechanical stages - $ 3.00 ea

B)  Objectives w/ oil in them that require dismantling to clean - $ 12.00 ea

C)  Coaxial focusing systems that require complete dismantling to lubricate - $ 15.00 ea


I do service all makes and models of mechanical student balances.

Servicing includes cleaning, adjusting, setting the zero balance, and checking for accuracy.

SERVICE CHARGE:  (when serviced with your microscopes)

  The price per balance varies between $9.00-$ 15.00 each, depending on your location. 

You can email for a specific quote.

If you only have balances that need servicing, and no ‘scopes, please call for a quote.


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