Your microscopes need regular servicing...Why? Because regular servicing lengthens your microscope’s working life by many years. A clean and properly functioning microscope is a pleasure to work with


CONFIDENCE - Expertly trained repairman. B.S. in biology, and factory training in microscope repair. With thousands of microscopes serviced yearly, and with over 30 years experience, you can be assured of quality service.

MECHANICAL CHECK - Course adjustment and pinion rack cleaned and adjusted. Fine adjustment cleaned and checked for precise operation. Iris diaphragms and condensers cleaned. Mechanical stages lubricated and adjusted at a small additional charge. There is also an additional charge for servicing of coaxial focusing systems.

ECONOMY - This fine quality servicing costs only a few dollars per microscope. . . . depending on number, condition, and location of instruments.

CONVENIENCE - Your microscopes are serviced on site in your lab. All makes and models serviced.

QUALITY - Only high quality lubricants are used in order to assure smooth operation and many years of service by your instruments.

OPTICAL CHECK - Each objective and eyepiece are cleaned and checked to provide the clearest image possible. When required, internal prisms and mirrors are also cleaned.

BALANCE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM - I also service all makes of mechanical student balances. Unfortunately, I do not service electronic balances. The service includes cleaning, adjusting, setting the zero balance, and checking for accuracy.

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